Ramp-up was originally an auto industry term used to indicate when a new model was scheduled to ship out, deliver, or "ramp-up" onto auto vehicle transport trucks. Also may used in other contexts, such as when a business switches over to or begins using a new software package or new version of older software. The term ramp-up was used primarily in a time context, when something was due to occur or occurred in the past.

The news media misconstrued the meaning of ramp-up a few years ago, when interviewing auto industry people, to be synonymous with "ratchet-up", meaning to increase or "turn-up". The term is now used almost exclusively in this context.
The Chevrolet Volt is scheduled to ramp-up in late 2010.

Our company will ramped-up its new accounting software package next month.
by bastard72 August 16, 2009
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To excessively increase one's efforts. This can be good or bad.
When he started ramping up, I knew it was time to beat feet & get the Hell outta there! Whilst at the concert, we started ramping up as the fevered pitch of hearing Kickass Rock Music really got our adrenaline going!
by Starchylde August 23, 2016
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To become mentally and physically prepared.
To become excited.
To elevate ones readiness.
To be overexcited.
by brownox January 14, 2014
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A term used to pacify a scared audience that you are close to doing your job but have in fact done fuck all.
We have ramp-up our delivery of competence.
by Zarendarger May 15, 2020
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a phrase used by BMXers expressing emotions of encouragement.
Dom, ramp up the jawn, bitch!!
by Dom P. November 05, 2002
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When a song is excessively climbing/topping a music hype or sales chart.

Usually used when promoting your own material to a wider audience.
-Oi mate, that tunage is flying high... sick...

-Yeah homie, that track is ramping up the charts!!!
by strugglebrother July 07, 2012
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showin' off your new clothes/kicks/anything new
"yo, dude, i'm going to the mall to ramp up the jawn later on. you wanna come with me?"
by jklolz May 25, 2005
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