Ramona-The name of the best girl you will ever meet, she’s kind absolutely the most GORGEOUS girl you will ever meet and slays at life. She’s soooooo smart and could definitely go to the best college ever if wanted to. She can be he funniest girl ever and will sit and talk about anything for as long as you need to. She gives great advice and will keep your secrets, she is the best person you will ever meet<3
Woah dude..
What man?
Look at that girl bruh
by Lovexxvibes June 1, 2018
the name of the most beautiful girl you have seen EVER! she is the great to be around-though she does cause mischieve every now and then. she is just soo funny and you should never say good bye to her! she is too awesome and very pretty-and she knows it! always listen to her or she will get agitated. however, my favourite thing about ramona is that she will always be the first to forgive
i luv you ramona! <3
by lolololololl January 26, 2013
Ramona is the prettiest and sweetest. She has long dark brown hair, tan skin and beautiful white smile.her eyes are capturing and you can't help but stare. She can be quiet but when you get to know her she us full of words. She is very exotic not the same as everyone.
by Luke's July 5, 2013
Perfect in everyway possible. Baddest bitch you’ll ever meet.
Ramona is one bad bitch
by RealestSlimeOut February 28, 2019
A name giving to the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. Welcoming and thoughtful Ramona is the girl everyone one wants to meet, but few really know. Why? That can’t be answered because she is sincerely one of the most kindhearted people they could possibly find in the world today. Long black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes that look black together with her amazing tan skin set Ramona apart from others. A sweet smile, lovely voice, and pure heart make her a must in everyone’s life. Amazing taste in music, clever, and driven, she will be someone of great acknowledgment, she’s going to make a difference and change the world. Uninfluenced from others and always thinking with a clear mind she is the best at giving advice. She is there to stand up for herself and others. Her kind ways are sometimes taken advantage of but she learns from her past and is heading to a bright tomorrow. If you meet her, you remember her, and think of her often. She is the pretty girl with the best personality. She is the girl that you stared at in class. The girl that once you met her you can’t help but liked her. The best secret keeper. She is the definition of a good person. Also answers to Mona.
a: whos that girl over there.
b: thats ramona.
a: she seems like she is so sweet.
b: haha, because she is, i can't think of one bad thing to say about her.
by fallingfeeling April 19, 2011
Ramonas are sensitive people who enjoy keeping secrets. They relate well on a one-to-one basis but have trouble in a larger forum. They are extremely resourceful. They value the experience of others and often owe their success to the help of a mentor.

Ramonas depend upon their friends to help them through difficult times. While they can appreciate the social value of good companions, they prefer to foster more meaningful relationships. They are loyal and have long memories. In romance, their high expectations, if not fulfilled, may lead to a broken heart.Ramona's are inconsistent in their health and fitness habits. They start a regimen with enthusiasm, only to let it slide when they lose interest. Ramona's are partner-oriented and may do best on a fitness program if they have a buddy. Ramona's have a great regard for knowledge. They are outstanding teachers who know how to draw others into their world of learning and wisdom. Although they have very good financial and business skills, they are not motivated by money. They are budget-minded but not thrifty in the traditional sense. They have a quiet determination that helps them to accomplish their aims. As adolescents, they may have trouble distinguishing goals from pipe dreams. They need to become more independent in their relationships.
Trustworthy is another word for Ramona.
by your-mother.ha. April 7, 2011
1. Spanish name

2. Doll

3. Beautiful

4. Indian Princess
"Her mother named her Ramona because she was a doll to look at"
by Lady Francisco September 14, 2010