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A smart,intelligent,god-filled woman who stands on her word.She is very bold outgoing and is AMAZING with spoken word. She loves her family and will do anything for them.
by #SOICANHAVEYOUBACK December 19, 2016
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Tyara’s are beautiful. They have long wavy hair and are very mature for their age but have a youthful soul. They are sensitive and are very kind. If you are rude or upset them, then they will ignore the situation and will not forgive you. They are so beautiful and make everybody jealous so that they are bullied. Don’t mess with Tyara, they are the best, that you will ever meet. They are shy when you meet them but when you get to know them they are crazy (in a good way). Make the most of knowing a tyara they will make your life amazing.
Tyara has made my life worth living.
by Maddie Anne lee January 01, 2018
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