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the hottest girl you will meet. usally very talented and beautiful. also the has a very sexy ass.
Dangg, that girl must be a raley,
by Parker Kirtley August 20, 2011
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Raley a girl who is confident,nice,beautiful, and won’t let anyone bring her down. She is the type of girl that will be with you through any ups and downs u have. When ever Raley comes in the room is is like her smile brightens up the room. She is crazy and goofy but serious at the same time.
Raley is really sweet are u friends with her?
by Thfdefbjjfedghkmhfdxchj May 10, 2018
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To have a bipolar moment.
To freak out on a kid for no exact reason.
Did you see that teacher go raley on that kid in geometry? He started throwing papers and cussing out the kids!
by Y0UNG J33Z3Y May 03, 2009
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