The most amazing and friendliest girl you'll ever meet. Rakshas are mostly of Indian descent. Rakshas can be described as beautiful, kind, poise, athletic, hot, tall, and have sharp minds and memory. Rakshas are the ones to fall in love with. Rakshas are loved by everybody and can get to be very social. They are talented at everything they do and are very intelligent. Rakshas are rare and unique. Don't ever doubt their abilities.
Raksha is an amazing girl!

Raksha's so smart!
by bingodog February 8, 2013
Most Rakshas are of Indian or Sri Lankan ethnicity. A "Raksha" is poise, kind, well mannered and gorgeous. They're also known for their sharp mind and memory.
Wow, you look like a Raksha
by Minnie x January 5, 2012
Emily : You bought raksha?
James : *pulling a packet out of his pocket* Oh yeah baby!
by desikpopper March 18, 2017
Raksha is a sweet and beautiful girl. She is the most caring girl you will ever meet and you won't be able to stop yourself from falling in love with her. She walks around with an adorable smile on her face and her kindness can be felt by everyone.

She is very calm but don't let that fool you. When she trusts you she can be the wildest person.

Get yourself a raksha and you'll be happy forever.
You're so raksha .
by Gab123 November 22, 2021
raksha is a girl who is rated and goes to heathfield school for blind people. to be a "raksha" is a high compliment and means that you are highly rated within the community.
person 1-RAHHHHH did you see that raksha?
person 2- rated raksha rated
by humza khan 215 February 3, 2009