Mythical creatures of the Cervidae or Caribou family that possess the innate ability to attain flight. They migrate above the Troposphere and rain is caused by their tears. They mate within the comforts of Alto-cumulus clouds.
Aeso: We have had a long cold winter, brother. The rains become ice and would not stop for weeks on end.

Filipus: Yes, brother, it would seem the Raindeer have been quite miserable.
by DaTrueMeaning December 02, 2013
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Raindeer is a condition of the ass made known by Nelly's song "Tailfeather". If a girl has an unusually large ass it is said that her mother must have had raindeer. Makes no sense I know but its tru.
"Is that your ass or does your momma have raindeer?"
by Resses Pieces March 11, 2006
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a horse like shaped animal that parents make little kids bealive in and are ridden by Santa Clause.
"Hey mom look, I think daddy's being attacked by a raindeer!"
by Andre January 05, 2005
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A movie about a dog named Olive who one day comes home from the store, only to find her owner putting away the Christmas decorations, saying that "Christmas is canceled this year." because Santa can't fly his sleigh because Blitzen is hurt and can't fly. On the radio, Santa says he's hoping to depend on "all of the other raindeer", which Olive mistakes for him saying "Olive the other raindeer". So she goes to the North Pole, gets chased around by a crazy mailman, befriends a penguin, and eventually saves the day.
I thought "Olive the Other Raindeer" was a cute kids' movie.
by Ursids December 22, 2009
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Whatever raindeers do.
-Look at those raindeers! What are they doing?
-they are raindeering... Du!
by Racani00 November 26, 2016
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When you shoot a jumper in somebodys face (making it Rain) and once you make it you put the back of your hands on your head looking like antlers on a reindeer.
Mike shot a jumper in zach's face then did the raindeer taunt it was classic
by MikeyZAyyy September 09, 2009
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When daddy ask you to play Santa, but you walk away so he fallows you outside and she’s a Christmas tree up your ass.
After Frank was asked to play Santa he went outside so daddy says he’s getting a happy raindeer.
by Theone981 December 25, 2017
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