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-A girl who is super fast at dodging swords and know how to kick ass.

-She has a streight head and loves making new frineds, but has no trouble getting rid of the ass's of the group ether.

-A natural leader that everyone looks up to.
-She is rarely a bitch unless provoked.

-Like her japanese name implies, she is as fast as lighting to strike
lightning, sword, fighting, speed, bitch, dodging, leader, provoked, japanese, Raimei
by winter051094 October 23, 2011
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Stands for 'are you alright mate'
Normally used by smokers of marijuana as they lack energy to complete full sentences.

Was founded in North Wales.
Me: Raimei?
Someone: Ye mei.
Me: Ok mei.

Someone: *Hits blunt* Raimei
Me: *Hits blunt* Ye mei.
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by Conzaa March 08, 2017
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