50% of the Raider Fans in Oakland live at San Quentin Prison
by Caltag February 2, 2004
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1. An A-Hole who dresses up at football games.
2. The majority of professional football fans found in prision.
3. A reason to riot regardless of the outcome of a football game.
1. Raider fans Theodus and lewis put makeup on from mom's purse to go to the football game and urinate on miami fans.
2. Bill was beaten half to death by raider fan while cheering on the bucs while serving time for a dwi.
3. Raider fan was not to be denied an opportunity to burn a McDonalds regardless of the outcome of the superbowl.
by Al Davis January 29, 2003
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raider fan thinks he has won the superbowl because the raiders won A game
by Mr. NFL February 29, 2004
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An idiot who probably lives on the streets of Ghetto, er, I mean Oakland. Kills people and burns down houses when their crappy-ass team loses (happens often).
You: Raiders Fans make Oakland even worse than it already was!
Me: Is that possible?
by nee November 26, 2003
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1. A person who knows nothing about football that likes to dress up as a grim reaper or some other horror film monster.
2. A drunken idiot that is so ashamed to be a Raider fan, they have to hide behind face-paint and masks.
3. A fan that makes excuses and blames the refs for their losses.
4. Someone who can never get out of the 49ers shadow- hence the dark makeup and masks.
5. Obviously an idiot for liking a team that moves to LA for money, fails, and then moves back to Oakland.
6. Those drunken idiot white trash fools looking for fights that are at A's games on "Dollar Night" because thats the only game they can afford to go to.
6. Someone who likes a team that they can't watch on TV because of their selfish owner needs a sell-out crowd to do so, in which never happens because Raider fans never go to games.
7. I think I've made my point.
Any brainwashed institutionalized trashy scumbag is guaranteed to be a Raider fan.
by Your Daddy November 4, 2003
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The most loyal fan you will ever meet.

Someone who doesn't stop rooting for their favorite team just because they lost two games in a row. Someone who has so much love for their team they would kill for them.

Seen by some as caring more about their team than about concepts such as family, law, and non-violence.

Not to be mistaken with complete fucking idiots such as -

New England Patriot fans that did not know who the team was before 2001.
Pittsburgh Steeler fans that only surface during playoff runs.
Denver Bronco fans who need to have their teeth knocked out so they don't bite down while sucking my dick.
Hey that 'Raider fan' sure is beating that Chargers fan pretty maliciously.

Wow 'Raider fan' it's just a loss, are you sure you want to kill Jamarcus Russell?

That Chiefs fan ran into some 'Raiders fans' on his way home and no one's heard from him in three days.
by Stan Howard November 16, 2009
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1) The best of the best, elite football fan. Unlike all the haters in the world the Raider fan expresses their pride of the team through physical and verbal expressions,i.e., face paint, costumes, riots, etc.
2) a fan who can still suport the team while being shafted by the owners and getting the games blacked out due to poor seating arrangments.
3) The one fan who you would not want to be alone with in a dark alley, and u all know thats the truth
4) a true supporter if the winningest team in football since 1963 (look it up the fins are number 2)
1) anyone who bleeds the silver and black
2) what a Raider Fan is not; a lil bitch who thinks that they can bad mouth the greatest fans in the world also see pussy and bitch
by Call me Mr. Jolley December 2, 2004
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