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the most pointless form of math ever devised. it involves shapes, planes, and lots of proofs. has no real use, although teachers like to say it does. is no help to anyone.
geometry class is just another chance to take a 55-minute nap, and fail the class because your chances of understand and excelling at it are nearly zero.
by nee January 10, 2004
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See hell
school sucks.
by nee November 25, 2003
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An idiot who probably lives on the streets of Ghetto, er, I mean Oakland. Kills people and burns down houses when their crappy-ass team loses (happens often).
You: Raiders Fans make Oakland even worse than it already was!
Me: Is that possible?
by nee November 25, 2003
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the sexiest man alive
whoa, johnny depp was so fucking hot in pirates of the caribbean
by nee November 25, 2003
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1)A word used to describe young boys who reside in Westport, CT and recieve brownies for their birthday

2) A word used to describe a white man whose lips have nigger-like traits.
Willis: Yo, Tron check out the lips on that nigga!

Tron: What you talking about Willis? Thats a sameerian!
by Nee March 24, 2004
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1) One who denies the fact that their computer is loaded with gigs upon gigs of porn and they order all the porn channels

2) An avid porn lover, with a taste for beasiality
- "Oh my god man, you have so much damn porn! What the fuck is this!? Is that you touching that llama's penis?!"

-"Its not mine! Its those damn pop-ups! And they dont delete!"

-"Shut up, you shantarooni!"
by Nee March 25, 2004
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a store that sells ugly "in" clothes for stupid people who conform to every trend. shirts often have cutesy characters, or clever sayings on them. haw, haw.
pac sun makes me vomit.
by nee January 10, 2004
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