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When you get in a fight and get extremely angry, allowing you to beat the hell out of even stronger opponents, now that your strenght and confidence are boosted.
A:That fool just hit your car, dude.
B:*Gets in rage mode* I'm gonna beat the shit outta him!
*B then punches that guy's face, knocking him out immediately*
by UltraPimp June 23, 2013
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state of mind in wich you become extreamly angry alowing you become stronger and capable of doing things you normally could not do
person1:i cant lift this much weight
person2:just go into rage mode
person1 then gets extreamly angy and is able to lift the weight

person1:some kid in my class got the answer wrong so the teacher starts yelling and the kid went into rage mode through a desk across the room punched a hole in the wall and ran out the door
by kyle bailey aka randomman500 October 23, 2007
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when somebody gets so angry at a video game, they just do the same attack or button mash, disregarding all skilled play

something a noob who can't control his anger while playing a video game goes into
Dude, I was playing against Waffle's Marth in SSBM, and he totally went ragemode and just kept spamming sidesmash.
by ragemode December 11, 2009
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Typing twice as fast while hiding behind a computer running your mouth when angry.
Larry was in rage mode as he updated his facebook status
by The Uno September 10, 2012
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Usually occurs during gaming, once rage mode has been activated you start a, "Rape Train," and completely dominate your opponents. Crushing them and making them rage in an opposite way where they go into there moms room and cry complaining how they just got an ass whooping.
COD: Black Ops II, 10 year old squeaking noobs hardscoping with semi-automatic sniper rifles, RAGE MODE ACTIVATED, UNLOCK SECRET NUKE TITLE WHILE QUICK SCOPING WITH A BILISTA AND MAKE A MONTAGE OUT OF IT.
by xDSGxKronos April 03, 2013
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The point at which one transitions from a small giggle to hysterical laughing.
...She was just giggling, her head flew back, and then she was in rage mode.
by eifjweoifja December 20, 2009
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