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1. A term for beautiful, long, luscious hair.

2. A friend of the people, who does not stand for injustice.

3. The face of tomorrow.

4. A term for the first woman President.

5. A ridiculously good-looking person with an accompany of a superb nogin.
1. Jessica, your hair is so raelin! I love the haircut.

2. Our forefathers were such raelin.

3. I woke up and saw the raelin.

4. We really thought Hilary Clinton was a raelin.

5. I would say you look like raelin today but you have a few bags under your eyes.
by Wise One5555 September 13, 2010
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A really good friend and bro. He’s loyal no matter what you did but don’t mistake his meekness for weakness.
Wow Raelin you’re an amazing person!
by DatGuy4Ev May 18, 2018
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