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sexy, attractive, smart, funny, real, charming, lady killer, good dancer, whom everybody wants to be!
boy! you be actin so raee today!
by crazy ass mother fucker. May 26, 2013
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Raees is the kind of person that understands u and is always there for u even when u don't want him to

He's goofy at times but one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet
Once u meet him u don't want him to ever leave you...
He's one of those guys that sound to good to be true I mean ... he's perfect but really hard to get

He has the looks the body and the best personality.

Raees has this voice that you'll fall in love with instantly

He has everything any girl ever wants in a guy and if u have a raees u are truly blessed
This is how I defined the name raees
by Some special December 14, 2018
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