A white man or woman with red hair therefore emulating the features of the vegetable.
“Hey whose that radish that showed up at the party with Jimmy? Oh the red headed kid? That’s teddy
by Dogger Dude November 21, 2020
Another word for retard, commonly used amongst the uxbridge plebs.
Joe, You radish.
by NotKonradProkop January 21, 2021
"This white russian is only Radish, not full-on rad"
by Legendary Pusshole November 22, 2009
A lame vegetable that tries to be cool because it has the word "rad" in it's name."
a: "Hey man do you like radishes?"

b: "No, they fucking suck."
by YairDude November 2, 2016
She's surly, she's profane, she's (in)famous for an incident with nature's lubricant and she's quite possibly crazy.
How do you know when you've had sex with Radish? Your dick turns black and falls off!
by mach schnell April 25, 2005
The nickname given to the most beautiful and awesome woman on the planet.
by SargeantChalk November 6, 2009