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Depending on where the earth is when you're born your personality is influenced by 1 of 12 signs. Zodiac signs aren't meant to be taken seriously, but surprisingly reflect on your actions and behavior, to a certain degree. Everyone is different even if you have the same Zodiac sign. These signs influence, they do not label. For example a Pisces will be influenced by its sign to be very emotional and dreamy, however this person has the ability to choose whether or not they want to go about with these instincts. A Gemini on the other hand, for example, will never share these traits, but might not fit their own sign very well either. It all depends on the individual. This is often why people dismiss zodiac signs as superstitions. Some will match their signs perfectly, some wont. These descriptions are sometimes general and vague but for the most part, correct.
It is said that Zodiac signs determine how old your soul is, with aries being the youngest and pisces being the oldest. Regardless if this is the case or not, it might make it easier for someone to understand them if you think this way. Say a Cancer is the teenager of the Zodiac signs, not all teenagers are exactly the same, but they all usually have the same intentions. For example, dating, sports, getting in trouble, video games, hanging with friends, some will rebel, some wont, ect. Each teenager is different, but their all pretty much on the same boat. This is a great way to think of Zodiac signs, not every Cancer will be the same but just like teenagers, they have similar ways of experiencing life.
by vnvxvnv March 16, 2010

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A city simulator with the addictive and self destructive equivalent to heroine. The risk of leaving work, friends and family for this time consuming habbit is rather high. Has some minor problems running on Vista, but you wont care. Requires a decent amount of computer power, brain power and practice to successfully perfect a highly educated well funded city with sufficient transportation and low pollution with enough water, hospitals, fire departments and police stations to shut up those annoying advisors of yours that dont leave you alone until the problem is resolved.
Advisor: No bandage blues: simcity 4 healthcare workers walk

Mayor: shut up whore im working on it

Advisor: Big time problems hit local avenue

Mayor: well too bad theres really not much i can do

Advisor: Undercover cop unearths den of crime

Mayor: homie, im not building another police station near that airport
by vnvxvnv June 07, 2009

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An expensive electronics store with cheap products, as well as an underpaying job that pressures their employees to sell highly profitable merchandise that we all know the customer has no interest in buying that particular product at that very moment. If your shopping for capacitors your not thinking about a 2 year sprint agreement, your thinking about capacitors. The extreme high sales demand from upper management and the bottom-of-the-barrel pay usually results in associates that don't really care about your existence or the company and its assets. Some stores are really greedy, others are really lazy and under-trained. If you have been working for radioshack for at least three months, you don't want to work there anymore. Customers who shop there regularly only do so because of the assistance that you'll be lucky to get right the first time, or if you just have no idea. The company preys on brainless customers that don't know how to shop and look around, or to work there alarm clock. Everyone knows if its sold at radioshack, its sold cheaper somewhere else without the headache of dealing with a radioshack salesman. And chances are where ever else you buy it, it comes with the batteries.
Person 1: should i apply at radioshack?

Person 2: no
by vnvxvnv May 09, 2009

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When you pull a simple ATM transfer (ass to mouth) using one girls ass and another girls mouth, without telling the other girl where your dick previously was. The ultimate ATM combo
Female: Eww your dick smells like ass

Male: Thats right bitch, im robbing the bank. Now shut up and lick that shit clean
by vnvxvnv February 24, 2010

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The act of unhappily and impulsively purchasing a product due to high prices or terrible quality/service. This normally results in taking your unnecessary anger out on either the employee who was assisting you or traffic on the way home.
i had to rage buy a $20 battery and i almost killed someone on my way out of the store
by vnvxvnv February 01, 2011

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One of the most anticipated video games of all time, that will now forever go down in history as one of the most disappointing video games of all time. It is said that for $60, you can get the same level of entertainment by lighting the money on fire and watching it burn. Diablo 3's lead designer at the time, Jay Wilson, was mostly blamed for ruining what many believed was once the greatest video game franchise of all time. The game was released for the computer May 2012 by Blizzard entertainment. but it feels like it was developed by Nimblebit and designed to be played with an iPad (just kidding, Nimblebit's games are better than D3). The Skill and Gear system could be managed by a 6 year old, and the game could be beat with a credit card. The most mind boggling concept for many fans to grasp is, why a game like Torchlight 2, which frequently goes on sale for $5, is better than Diablo 3, a $60 video game, in almost every single category? Why Path Of Exile, a free to play game that's still in BETA, has more to offer and promises a more rewarding experience? The difference between games like these and Diablo 3 is, the developers listen to their fans. diablo 3 was announced to be released on consoles. That's where Blizzard made their biggest mistake. They risked failing their 15+ year old fan base, which they did, In an effort to make newer fans. Simpler fans, that are easier to develop for, like console gamers. And that's what you get when you buy Diablo 3. A console game.
Person 1: Should we give diablo 3 another try?
person 2: no.
by vnvxvnv July 28, 2013

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