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A once popular electronics retail store. Now its better know as BestShack. In late 2005 when the CEO of radioshack, Dave Edmonson was fired, the entire company started going downhill. Since then, the company has only pushed wireless and since gave up on what Radioshack has stood for. The company does not understand people do not go to Radioshack to buy flat screen tv's, they go there for small parts. The work enviroment is horid. From brainwashing employees' to over work/underpaid work weeks, it is simply a horrible place to work. Vaction isn't really vaction considering you can not take it during the 4th quarter (October, November, Decemeber) If you try to take more than 1 week of vaction in a row, it is highly frownd upon in the company. Management can be summed up in one word, shitheads. To become anything higher than a manager you have to be brainwashed and think that if you offer a customer a cell phone, they WILL buy it. Radioshack is estimated to go out of bussiness by December of 2009.
Employee: Hi welcome to Radioshack is there anything I can help you with today, perhaps a cellphone?

Customer: No

Employee: Have you seen our selection of flat panel TV's

Customer: Why would I go to radioshack to buy a TV, when CircuitCity and Bestbuy have them for cheaper and they are better?

Employee: They have true 720i resolution

Customer: 1080p is becoming a standard, and 1080 is high-def, 720 is enhanced, why do you advertise High-def if you dont have any high-def tv's?

Employee: You can pay with it on your Radioshack creditcard, only $20 a month.

Customer: Im going to bestbuy, there cheaper.

Employee: Who's your current cellular provider?

*Customer leaves*
by Ben1954 September 10, 2006
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