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Racquel is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She's beautifully perfect in ever way possible. If you meet her you better keep her in your life she will listen to all your problems and give you the best advice you could ever ask for. BestEST friend youcould ever have. She can brush it off anything like its nothing but deep down it's still hurting her. Usually a big nerd and dorky but in the best ways. She loves like no one else and doesn't stop her love is the most amazing feeling you'll ever experience. She makes your heart race so fast almost like your going to faint at times feels like you can't breathe and your heart just stops every time you see her beautiful smile. And the way she looks at you with them gorgeous dark eyes its like seeing your future all once. She's not shy but not obnoxious either just right in the middle. She's funny and cute. Very easy to talk to but very un-datable.. So if you get her as yours do ABOSOLUTELY nothing to mess it up cause you would never ever in a million years want to loose such an amazing beautiful smart funny dorky caring and loving person like her. Also she's the sexiest person alive and you never want her to take her hands off your skin. A little naughty but once she falls for you she's a little hornball!! Best girlfriend you could ever ask for treats you like a queen like the one and only most beautiful queen that ever lived. She'll make you feel like your walking on water every second your talking to her.
by Sammech April 13, 2015
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An extremely beautiful girl, she loves to talk and you can hardly get her to stop, that being said whenever she does talk it's nice to hear what she has to say. She is full of interesting and sometimes gross facts. Very fun to cuddle with, and a pleasure to kiss. According to close friends she has a very nice rack, and its nice to play with. Very lazy and thinks the world has too much effort.
Omg they're a total racquel
by Just_No_Effort December 01, 2013
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Racquel is a smart girl who can easily get distracted. She has a good taste in music and loves to party. She is a hopeless romantic, always giving other people love advice, but never finds her own love. One day this wont be true but for now it is. Racquel can be well known as AMAZING! The name has greatness written all over it. Big things are bound to happen for her.
Racquel isSomeone who is insanely amazing
by KiddSmilezlr February 14, 2010
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A beautiful, understanding girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes. She has been through a lot but still keeps on fighting through life like a worrier. She is very intelligent and is a deep thinker. She is a fantastic Friend and the best advice giver. She is a straightforward person and doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her. She is respectful to the people that gives her Respect and deserves respect. She is very compassionate to people who doesn’t hurt her friends. She puts people before herself. Guys are all over her but she’s that one in the friend group that’s probably a lesbian.
Person 1: Yo have you seen Racquel?
Person 2: The short one that sings?
Person 1: Yeah I need to ask if she can give me some lessons because I need help
by Gay22 July 30, 2018
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