A sporty, sexy girl who is always happy and laughing. She is great at telling jokes and making others laugh. She is also very gymnastic. She is friends with everyone and has one true best friend. She can sometimes fight with friends, but no person who knows her can ever, ever hate her. She is beautiful from every perspective.

Also, it's the correct way to spell the name.
Girl 1: Hey, do you know Rachael?
Girl 2: Yeah, I'm really jealous of her, she's perfect!
by r0lling-stones July 24, 2011
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an AWESOME girl. she's all about sports ,kind, beautiful, and a friend to everyone. Shes the best sister in the world
your awesome Rachael !!!!!!!
by # your awsome rachael June 29, 2014
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a beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty!
sweet, beautiful, smart, sexy, and funny!
The best friend you could ask for, as well as girlfriend!
rachael is sooo beautiful!
by clara marie woods January 31, 2008
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Rachael's are usually quiet and reserved, but when around trusted people, they love to make the biggest jokes.
They like to stick to groups, and are better listeners than they are talkers.
Rachael's often have to deal with misspellings of their name, but they don't usually fuss.
They always have smiles.
Person 1 - That's a hell of a smile!
Person 2 - I know, I stole it from Rachael!
by Lonely-Frost January 31, 2015
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This girl is beatific and stunning and doesn't know it she has many friends but has no best friends even tho people think they are she deserves the world she is depressed a lot but she handles it like a hero. She has deep eyes that you could stare at forever and her smile makes you so happy she is always sarcastic and funny and people love her for that se can hang out with anyone but she is a little bit of a nerd and people make fun of her for that she tries hard to be less smart but she can't help who she is. She is the best girlfriend you'll have just a tad dirty keep her close and don't let her break down. She deserves a good friend
Rachael is the best you'll ever meet.
by Bballdiva479 June 10, 2015
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1) Legendary

2) An awesomely legendary girl who likes to watch amazing TV shows and listen to epic music.

3) Crazy girl who likes to act as President with Selin as her Vice President.
Girl A: Drunk Leonard's gonna be back on TV, he's so Rachael.
Girl B: Not as Rachael as drunk Sheldon.
Girl A: ...Very true.
by ErinPhoenix101 July 29, 2010
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Rachael. She's smart but on and average scale, well she tries to be. Shes humble and hates to be the center of attention. Sweet girl but feisty as hell. She hates liars and two faced people. She is strong in more ways than one. She can fight well but would rather just tell the people where to go and how to get there. She has a hell of an attitude but respects the people who respect her. She loves music and other arts with such a deep burning. She has a beautiful singing voice and is a skilled artist. Shes also an actor. Shes average height at about 5'6" with ever changing hair color (mostly consisting of browns and reds. Has been blue and other colors), she has brown and green eyes that are flecked with gold (green outside and brown inside. you just have to look closely to see the green.), she isn't super skinny. She has a little bit of chubbiness on her stomach and thighs but she has toned muscle under it. She has an amazing ass and a nice set of boobs. She has a heart shaped face with plump lips and a straight nose. She has a little birthmark on the right side of her face under the corner of her lips by about an inch. She has glasses. Her nose, belly button, ears (6 in each) and her Monroe pierced and has a small little music bird tattooed on her left hip. Over all shes a little weird but completely lovable even if she seems a little rough around the edges
Guy 1:" Dude look at her ass.. like dammmnnn. She seems a little stuck up."
Guy 2: "Bro, that's Rachael. She's like the sweetest girl in the school."
Guy 1:" Ohhhhh thats her? damn she's hotter than they said"
by SooooooooooFuck..... June 08, 2014
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