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Rabiya is the girl everyone needs in their lives. She's an amazing friend and is there for you when you need someone the most. Rabiya is a sweet, kind, funny, beautiful girl that everyone loves. She's the person to make you laugh when your sad. Rabiya is an amazing person
"Rabiya is a an amazing friend and makes me feel good about myself"
by Redsoxrule34 February 06, 2017
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There was once a legend of some kind of super noob. A mythical creature called Rabiya. The deadliest noob in the world, Rabiya noobed countless people.

If you have ever done even more noobier than Rabiya. Then your have obtained the following title: Master Noob Overlord Rabies
1. OOHHH, you got Rabiyaad!!

2. Rabiya killed you in Black Ops!, you're the biggest NOOB EVER!!!
by Zooby December 12, 2012
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