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To get stuck on an endless internet search of no particular importance (i.e. wikipedia, imdb , youtube, etc.)
"Dude, I got stuck rabbitholing Megan Fox on imdb...did you know she hasn't done one single porn flick...yet."
by Michael Jones-Ramirez September 18, 2009
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To disconnect your tripping mind from your body with the help of the psychedelic dissassociative Methoxetamine (MXE). The fact that you don't feel your body anymore, and your mind has the ultimate freedom, lets you concentrate fully on the trip, without any disturbances. For best effect let a psychedelic (prefereable LSD) peak to make sure you're settled into the trip, and then take around 15-20mg MXE sublingual and enjoy the Rabbit Hole.
So, did you try that rabbit holing?
Fuck yeah, I found the ultimate peace on the other side of the rabbit hole. Shit's beautiful.
by newforms February 06, 2011
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When you fuck a girl in the pussy so hard that shit pops in and out of her asshole
Dude, I fucked Kate so hard last night she was Rabbit Holing
by rabbitholer September 04, 2016
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