To get stuck on an endless internet search of no particular importance (i.e. wikipedia, imdb , youtube, etc.)
"Dude, I got stuck rabbitholing Megan Fox on imdb...did you know she hasn't done one single porn flick...yet."
by Michael Jones-Ramirez September 18, 2009
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verb (used commonly with Internet)
When you go online to search something and end up two hours later researching an obscure topic that has nothing to do with what you set out to look up. See: Owen Benjamin's "The Internet is Weird"
Me: Did you see Owen Benjamin's Internet Rabbithole video about Rabbitholes?!

You: Yeah, then I went on my own Rabbithole and learned a lot about Alice in Wonderland.
by Wait For It June 17, 2015
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What Kelli B suffers from on the reg.
Kelli B went down yet another Rabbit hole. Hope she cures that RabbitHoleitis
by Tt mac June 05, 2017
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