God says it means thunder
Hey Raad you punched him like thunder out of no where.
by Haliaaaaaaaa October 4, 2019
A guy with the biggest dick you have ever seen, and he is rich as fuck.
he is honest, and super nice
Wow, Raad's dick is huge
by The Real Bible October 15, 2019
amazing guy who will probably end up with a girl named Mayma.
Raad is so amazing.
by Squichhhyyyy January 30, 2020
He doesn’t just rock the world. He will rock your world like crazy.
Man oh man, this boy Raad sure as hell can rock my world.
by Squichhhyyyy February 15, 2020
The finest mf to ever grace this Earth. Even finer than Fai Khadra
Have u met Raad? He is so fine
by Squichhhyyyy February 15, 2020