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A word synonymous with sports. It is used to motivate athletes to ascribe to a peak in physical performance. Originally invented by rowers meaning: Row Your Balls Off. The word can take on other meanings such as: Run Your Balls Off, Ride Your Balls Off (On a bicycle).
1. The cox'n yelled "RYBO" to the rowers in order to motivate them for the sprint of the race.

2. After a team meeting the team yelled out "RYBO" as a team chant in order to pump everyone up for the day of racing.

3. The Olympic Runner RYBOed today, after setting the world record 400m time.
by J+J Rowing April 13, 2008
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stands for "rip your balls off" when your mad enough at someone that you wanna rip their balls off.
" how dare you call me that imma rybo" or "you know what rybo"
by Cool hopping April 28, 2016
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A Ryan who is 5% Asian and was a lead singer in a band
Boi: During which solstice do Rybo’s come out?

Boi 2: Summer
by Bushburner6969 May 22, 2018
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