stands for religious wannabe gangster. this implies those who are complete relig and love studying the bible, but at the same time think that they can achieve looking ganster.

The usual RWG looks like the following:

Wears baggy clothing with pants down to knees, which reveal completely the tzitzit(Jewish).
Wear an ugly hat instead of a kippah...even after being told a thousand time that ur not allowed to wear it in class and that its ugly.
holds his ipod in one hand and with the other makes movements that looks like he has parkinsons disease. while at the same time lip singing rap music. Not even good rap. I mean the lowest form out rap out there.

A usual RWG talks like hes black even though hes white. By talkng black i mean saying things like "Yo wassup dawg" "I ain't no foo'" "Betta' watch out o III'm gonna fuck you up"(said in dumb accent that makes a deaf person trying to speak sound more intelligent.)
RWG's tend to be the most annoying people out there.

"Damn it, I have an RWG in my class. They drive me insane!!"
by im not racist. April 21, 2009
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meaning Random White Guy. Term used for a black girl who likes white guys and thinks every white guy who passes her way is hott.
Mya, there are some fine RWG in here.
by starwarsjediyoda June 21, 2005
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