Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
A euphemism popular in the military and aerospace fields, used in the place of "blowing up," "exploding," etc.
The missile suffered a RUD shortly after liftoff. Needless to say, the engineers were pissed, but glad to be alive.
by pshhht December 20, 2011
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Otherwise known as Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly, a reference to the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Series, RUD is hardcore weeb, very weird. also will have a strange attraction to Orbital Period.
"thats a RUD there for sure."
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1. Australian: Heavily intoxicated with alcohol, usually with spirits. After Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who introduced a tax on Alco-pops to reduce teenage binge drinking.
I'm going to get completely Rudded tonight!
by gh3y May 20, 2008
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Rudding is a sexual act mainly performed by Scottish Sailors which involves penetrating your sailing partner with an oar and using them to steer the boat. Double rudding is where you also put an oar in their mouth.

Some extremists prefer to stimulate their sailing partners by rubbing them against a working rudder, this is not reccommended as genital mutilation occurs in most instances.
"Man Hagrid, I'm so horny. Won't you give me a good rudding?"
by supergirl2022 June 24, 2009
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Rud is a descriptive word that can be used in any situation to describe something in either a negative OR positive way. The key to the term is in the pronunciation, which will determin the meaning. In written form rud must never contain capital letters
'finding a tenner is rud'
'losing a tenner is rud'
by Axirra June 13, 2007
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R, U, Down? A look that you flash at a potential sexual conquest.
Roner flashed Isis his best RUD, she instantly complied.
by Lil Kris February 1, 2005
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(Rolled Up Dirty Socks)
Boobs, Knockers, Cans, Chesticles, of, or relating to the chest area
She has some frickin' fake Ruds.
by Jacob U December 31, 2004
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