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Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
A euphemism popular in the military and aerospace fields, used in the place of "blowing up," "exploding," etc.
The missile suffered a RUD shortly after liftoff. Needless to say, the engineers were pissed, but glad to be alive.
by pshhht December 19, 2011
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The Nussy, or the โ€œnose pussyโ€, if you will, was discovered during the corona virus pandemic of 2020. People that had to be tested for Covid-19 had to have their nose swabbed right where the brain connects, which often led to people rolling back their eyes and gagging.

A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
โ€œOh fuck yeah, swab my nussyโ€

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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Otherwise known as Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly, a reference to the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Series, RUD is hardcore weeb, very weird. also will have a strange attraction to Orbital Period.
"thats a RUD there for sure."
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Rud is a descriptive word that can be used in any situation to describe something in either a negative OR positive way. The key to the term is in the pronunciation, which will determin the meaning. In written form rud must never contain capital letters
'finding a tenner is rud'
'losing a tenner is rud'
by Axirra June 13, 2007
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(Rolled Up Dirty Socks)
Boobs, Knockers, Cans, Chesticles, of, or relating to the chest area
She has some frickin' fake Ruds.
by Jacob U December 30, 2003
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A rud is a penis in which the tip is larger then the rest of the penis
Niall has a rud and a chode mixed but he still manages to jerk it every night
by J Zeddy Alrice May 24, 2009
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