Remove The Pussy

"Don't listen to the pussy side of you when you make a decision. People gravitate towards being a pussy. Remove the pussy, son."
Marcus: Coming over this weekend for the party?
Alexander: I don't feel like it...
Marcus: RTP!
by Rosvall March 26, 2010
Yo, I hear there's half off PG's tonight at the bar! You RTP?
by JCosta83 July 21, 2016
Rock ,Rock, Rock Smithville RTP boys out here Rocking Like they can’t stop Rocking 🎸🔥
by The real meaning of RTP September 29, 2019
RTP stands for ready to putte. Putte is the danish word for "cuddling"
1: Hey sk8 when are you RTP?
2: Soon when i get home.
by Sk8eren September 17, 2017
1 R.T.P: Rough tight pussy.

2 could also be used as synonym for cunt... sort of
1 Dude i took one look at that RTP and i ran!

2 I smacked that RTP like the hoe she is!
by MikeyG 201 March 21, 2007
"Ready to pimp". If you have created a document in a program like Open Office, you export it to .doc and than its ready to pimp. Pimping a .doc file is done in MS Word 2007. One click on the styles button and off you go
Title > RTP


by Donno` March 9, 2009