RPM is a way of measuring how fast something spins. A couple of examples is that a V8 engine avergally does around 7000rpm and fidget spinners can do around 3750rpm!
My new car can do up to 8000 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), how much can yours do?
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Rectum Pocket Marbles(RPM’s for short), are a pack of marbles usually associated with sticking up one’s ass. They come in packs of 300..

We’ll even give you 300 RPMs which of course stands for Rectum Pocket Marbles. Never leave home without them!
by Fingerblaster47 November 24, 2020
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A school chock full of privileged, rich white kids on the north side. it's montessori so the parents are all vegans, communists, or lesbians, and their basketball team is so bad. Their graduating class is so small that they're all like siblings and are don't know how to socialize with humanity. they're hella smart, and they know it. they won't hesitate to rub it in your face. stay AWAY.
OMG, wait what school do you go to?
Oh, uh... struggles to socialize... I go to RPMS...
OMG!!! Stay AWAY from me you NERD!
by Chadddddddddddddddd February 05, 2021
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