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Acronym for 'Regina Parking Lot'. Prnounced are-pee-ell. Regina is the Catholic School in Iowa City, Iowa and its lot turns into a hangout/place for illegal activities at night.
Dude, my friends and I saw Dave and Olivia having sex and smoking weed in her car at RPL last night!
by yoleaux June 04, 2017
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(Reach Patience Loss) To get angry or depressed if a person cannot take the wait for the Xbox 360 Video Game Halo Reach. The only way to cure this is to wait until September 14th when the game releases.
"Bro im showing signs of RPL, I think its bad...
by Pyro Gun August 27, 2010
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I've been in managing a small business for the past 10 years, and when I finally went to University to get my Bachelor of Business they gave me RPL for some of the courses.
by Teh_Oak April 06, 2007
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