weeekly, a 7 membered girl group under PLAY M ENT
by weeekly November 18, 2020
The award Secret Number will win at MAMA 2020
Did you hear about Secret Number winning ROTY?

- YES! Deserved
by in2it November 8, 2020
a flat soft bread, thinner and softer then a tortila made in indian food and south pacific islander food.
very tasty.
for dinner we ate roti and curry.
by chrisd June 30, 2006
commonly used in kpop stan twitter, an abbreviation for the "Rookie of the Year" award given out at annual asian music award shows. only awarded to groups or soloists who have debuted in the past year. generally used to denote a very talented performance/song/stage or a talented musician in general.
stan 1: have you heard txt's new song?
stan 2: omg yea that shit was a banger stan txt roty
by onesana November 23, 2019