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Usually black in color and known for bringing the heat. Known to enchant women by dancing on the floor twisting to strange electronic rhythms. Skin as dark as a Swahili night. If call out into the club air... (SUPER JAM) He will appear, like black magic.

Wendall is not confined to only the abdominal muscles.... His whole body is a SITUATION.
Did you see Jason leave with that girl? (Yeah he must've pulled a Wendall on the dance floor.)

I wish I could bring "The Heat" to the girls... (Yo you gotta Wendall them)

Damn dude this club is DEAD, I'm aboutst to pull the Wendall and have those bitches screaming SA SA SA SUPA JAM!
by SuaveLoco October 12, 2010
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A very trustworthy, God-fearing dark skinned man who loves deeply and passionately. He often seeks friendships but has no luck in doing so although his friendship is one of a kind and loyal. He would give you the shirt off his back and shoes off his feet. He's very muscular even with a little extra cushion and able to make people laugh with the oddest of comments. Highly intelligent yet finds himself lonely and doesn't feel like he fits in to any group.
Oh man! Who's that guy?

I dunno. He is probably some Wendall guy!
by HigherPower777 December 06, 2017
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