Used while playing "DotA". It means 'remake'
MAXA:Hey they are pwning us!
Killer:Lets do a rmk after we end this...
by MAXA May 20, 2007
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Rocky Mountian King. A snowmobile made by Polaris.
RMK are just plain and simple, fuckin sweet.
by Joseph Simpson September 25, 2007
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Rape, Molest, Kill (Name given to Winder, Georgia's resident child molester, Hal Miller)
Hey, It's RMK scouting litte girls again.
by PeepingHal April 20, 2005
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means " rolling my kneck "

can be said instead of smh which means shaking my head .

made by some chickk Lexii from Longwoood :*
Elijah : " wow , that bitch was prit "
Lexii : " rmk . why does she even go out in public mann ? "
Elijah : " SMH ! "
by a.blennnn September 23, 2009
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RMK CLOTHiNG is the fresh in "Supa freshness!".

RMK CLOTHiNG is a Southern California based Menswear Brand conveying premium apparel. Rooted in lifestyle and driven by leisure, RMK CLOTHiNG by Ryan Marc Katz delivers a collection of evolving classics for the modern man.
Young lady: "Damn big man, where did you get that RMK CLOTHiNG gear at."

Dr. Fresh: "Down on Suave ave, on the corner of RMK CLOTHiNG street. They only carry the finest.
by Gilbert Rumsfeld January 2, 2011
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A school called jail fuckin place where people have stay with weird rules which made up by bitch ass principle
by Dexter ah what May 8, 2019
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