Short for "Return Merchandise Authorization". Usually describes the whole procedure of returning and replacing faulty hardware.
I just filled out an RMA form, and returned my harddrive to the manufacturer, and they shipped me a new drive within a week.
by neurox August 2, 2005
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Real Man Assist

When a person is struggling with a task and it seems as if they may fail, then a Real Man Assist would be advised. Most commonly used to alleviate a person suffering from LBS (Little Bitch Syndrome).
Seth was struggling to get that bar up so I gave him a RMA.
by ajcrudge228 July 28, 2015
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Short for randolph macon academy high school.
It is a military academy that no one should ever go to. It is horrible in almost all ways. The term RMA can bring some people to tears its so trifling.
speaker 1-Hey man whats up?
speaker 2-nothing just stuck at RMA.
speaker 1- OMG! i feel so bad for you!
Speaker 2-trifling isent it?
by praridogging April 15, 2010
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RMA is short for Rogue Music Alliance, an independent record label located in Vancouver, Washington. RMA was established in 2016 by Gabriel Wilson and David Staley when they discovered the need independent artists have for label services á la carte.
"The 'R' in RMA stands for Rogue and the 'M' stands for Music which means the 'A' stands for Alliance."
by 2LTQ May 29, 2018
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The act of riding one half of an SLI mode pair to unconscious orgasm, placing her limp body into a taxicab, giving the driver fare and the name of the street she lives on ("she's a little drunk, she's just resting"), and later having sex with her enraged older sister, who returns later in another taxicab to dispense justice on you.
"That component was burnt out, so i RMA'd it."
by He Is Risen Indeed October 3, 2007
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acronym for "Rim my ass". Also doubles as a dope gears of war clan, with brett c. as the clan prostitute.
dude why dont you take a minute to RMA
by Jkeylounatic January 24, 2007
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The computer slang for "read my ass"
John: Hey, you suck like hell. Go to hell you darn loser. I reading your entire essay fudger!
Ron: RMA!!!
by MrMarbles October 24, 2007
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