A church inside a former Kmart.

That's the summation of this place based on an actual establishment. I get the sense the hoakey small town center like any old thyme town center has been abandoned to tiny gift shops while the suburbs were built up around it. Life there is a purgatory for grown up suburban kids where they drive from their apartment block to a gas station, to a office block, to Applebees, and back again. They watch Netflix and wait to die, keeling over from a broken heart 2 weeks after retirement realizing what I just said.
"You're 47 years old. It's finally time you get your own apartment."

"Ok mom, I'll move to Vancouver, Washington. Can I borrow the car?"
by Papa Zita March 9, 2020
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A depressing place, not enough words to describe of how much of a cesspool and shit-hole is. Iv never lived in Tacoma, Washington or other depressing places like Vancouver, Washington.

Im sure there are more depressing places out there, but Vancouver from personal experience takes the cake. No jobs, an abundance of illiterate pieces of white trash, food stamp abusers, ignorant people who seem they have spent their whole life living in a cave. A bunch of wanksters and wiggers, spoonfed bitches who post pics on facebook, myspace, and other bullshit social networks drinking a can of beer proclaiming they are hood and hard.

King of meth addicts and copious amounts of drug abusers, bad weather, a surplus of rain almost 90 percent of the year or more, no entertainment. Downtown Vancouver is dead like a grave, just a bus stop and some drug junkies, pan handlers and some stupid cafes with the greyhound bus station.
Where can I find a place that has no hope or promise and I am 100 percent depressed? That is easy that is

Vancouver, Washington
by David Faustino March 29, 2012
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The downtown is okay now, thanks to a few young people building some cool stores and restauraunts, but the rest of Vancouver pretty much sucks. There are two types of people in Vancouver:

1) Smart people. These people wish they lived in Portland, but don't for one of three reasons: no income tax, gay marriage, or because they have kids and Portland Public Schools are crap. These people want light rail so they can get to Portland faster and away from people-type #2.

2) Fools. These people think Vancouver is part of Texas. They tend to love Wal-Mart and driving their cars everywhere. They refuse to recognize the fact that Portland is cool or really even that it exists. They hate change and don't want light rail.

People-type #1 tend to live in southwest Vancouver to be closer to Portland, though can be found periodically elsewhere. People-type #2 exist more commonly in northern Clark County, but you can find them spread throughout suburbia or occassionally attending rallies protesting things they don't understand.
I want light rail so I can get out of Vancouver, Washington and into Portland faster.
by PNWdefinitioner January 21, 2013
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A waste of space. One of the most horrible places to live. A place where there are several sex offenders and drug addicts, but living in Vancouver is obviously a punishment in and of itself. Nosy Neighbors, a bunch of worthless pieces of white trash, crackers, meth addicts, alcoholics. This place can drive a normal person nuts and into suicide into a blink of an eye. Tacoma, Washington joins this list. Just rain, growing apples, and fishing are forms of entertainment.

Shit schools Hough elementary, white trash areas to point out, Fruit Valley, Orchards, Camas, Hazel Dell. You could piss and shit on Vancouver and you would not notice it. One of the highest unemployment rates across the country, no job potential. An economy that will never recover in Vancouver, its like a slowing tooth decay.
Where can I find a place to be bored that would put me in a state of being suicidal?

Example Oh thats easy go to Vancouver Washington.
by David Faustino April 1, 2012
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One of the most depressing spots in the world. It is stated as the 4th largest city in the state of Washington, when in reality it is just an extremely large suburb of Portland Oregon. Vancouver is primarily a residential area, with everyone typically commuting to portland for work (Hence the term "suburb"). The most common nick names for Vancouver are "The Couve" and "Vantucky", the ladder of which refers to the staggering amount of white trash that call Vancouver Home.

Anyone who says they love Vancouver has either never been outside the city limits or is referring to Vancouver's big sister up in Canada. In fact in a recent survey, 9 out of 10 people said they would actually up and leave town if they had the means. The other 10% began sobbing and shaking uncontrollably, knowing that it would never happen.

If you looked at young woman who had just recently moved to Vancouver, and checked up on her 10 years later, you would find that she would be living in a decrepit 50s style ranch house with an abusive husband, 6 children, a diseased Pitbull and an addiction to some sort of illicit drug.
Vancouver changes you.

Many experts have tried deducing why Vancouver is such an overwhelmingly boring and depressing place. Some point to the weather. Others blame the lack of entertainment in Vancouver.

In short, Vancouver Washington may well be one of the worst places on earth.
"Hey have you been here before?"


"This place. Vancouver Washington."

"Nope, my buddy said it was a total hell hole though."

"Oh ok."
by Anonanimal October 24, 2011
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A god forsaken town located in the PNW on the Columbia River. It is often referred to as "the couve" by locals. Located right at the border of Washington and Oregon, it is often confused with it's sister city Vancouver Cananda. Vancouver is named after Captain Vancouver duh who came down the Columbia River and built Fort Vancouver. Vancouver is a growing city, Clark County where it is located is the fastest growing county in Washington.

Vancouver is half trash/half suburbs. East Vancouver is full of suburbs and housing developments. Alot of scene kids, and goth kids live here. West Vancouver is full of trashy houses and alot of meth heads.

Not everything about Vancouver is bad, it is located right across the river from Portland, Oregon. And there is always the river which is nice to look at.

It is too bad that nearly all kids/teenagers hate Vancouver with a passion and the most common phrase heard is "Are you going to Portland?" Or "I fucking hate Vancouver" Most teenagers dream to escape to Portland or perhaps Seattle. For the most part, only older people like Vancouver, and they suffer to make their children live in this city.

Tragedy strikes Vancouver often it seems, as two teenagers were murdered this year, and it seems as though there are more shootings/baby killing not abortions and roberys every day.

One is lucky to escape Vancouver.
Scene kids:
scene kid #1:"hey man, are you going to the new bleeding xxx my heart show in Portland"
scene kid #2:"No man, my mom fucking grounded me, all I did was borrow her eyeliner"

everyone else:
kid #1:"I'm bored, there's nothing to do"
kid #2:"I know, I fucking hate Vancouver Washington, I can't wait to move"
by hanners June 10, 2006
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