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On-line game term used in game play when playing against another human player or in Co-Op play. Means "Wrecked" in the game and was mainly used in Warcraft 2 BNE Edition & later used in FPS games like Soldier of Fortune 2/Modern Warfare 2. Later the term became used in MMORP games and there it became used only by those who played the older games and remember it. The younger players put a "e" in it becoming "rket", which makes no sense to anyone that knows what "short-hand" is all about and rkt is not only shorter then rket, but who put a vowel in short-hand if there is no need??
Player 1 - "rkt"

Player 2 - Ya that was a beat down, Nice Kill!
by Greywolf777 October 02, 2014
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1) to rock it as in rock music at a party.
2) to make crack cocaine (rock).
3) to leave.
let's rkt to a party and rkt, then we can rkt up and smoke it.
by jjjiii!!! October 19, 2007
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Shorthand for rekt, shorthand for wrecked.

1) Indicates someone getting a ridic diss

2) When you're intoxicated
You just got rkt.
Last night I got rkt.
by Alwaysallreddy February 08, 2015
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