The popular vines that feature Randy Orton RKO stuff
The RKO Outta Nowhere vines are hilarious!
by ian1234 October 24, 2014
grabbing a broad by the pussy by inserting at least fist length into vaginal area, then lifting up to throw the female over the head, you then turn around and body slam that pussy bitch
Jeff does not like to rub the pussy or beat it up, he likes to Jacklyn Smith RKO that shit
by johnappleseeds October 23, 2018
When you absolutely annihilate a girl’s bean (clitoris) using Randy Orton’s signature wrestling moves.
Todd: “The becky from last night was a FREAK, you know I had to RKO the bean!”
by huntr March 27, 2021
Three most dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment.
by Rkok.g November 24, 2021
When u suck the dick from the back and make the bootyhole clap
Jack tennant likes to RKO his brother.
by vinniemuncher January 3, 2022
The meaning of rko is when a white/black nigga is getting annoying in the Xbox/PS4 chat then u tell your nigga rko to kick him
Person1: randy Orton slithering throw the ring watch out watch out rko

Person2: .....
by HAHADAVID October 25, 2019
by AyanaAv March 17, 2017