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The popular vines that feature Randy Orton RKO stuff
The RKO Outta Nowhere vines are hilarious!
by ian1234 October 24, 2014

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To get ditched for not giving someone what they want.
Gill: Jim wanted to have sex and i didn't, so he CM Punk'd me.
Sarah: Screw that jerk, you don't need him.
by ian1234 October 30, 2014

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The nickname given to Nba player Kevin Durant.
The Slim Reaper Kevin Durant is amazing!
by ian1234 December 03, 2014

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To quit like a bitch when you don't get what you want.
Jorge:I was in a relationship with stacy and she wouldn't fuck me so i CM Punk'd
Emile: Damn Bruh
by ian1234 October 24, 2014

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When someone tweets every 5 seconds for any given amount of time.
Mark:God did you see twitter today?
Greg: yah bro, molly was on a total tweet spree
by ian1234 June 09, 2014

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