spanglish.literally means "raffle".but used as saying a certin gang or area is "the baddest" or "untouchable". mexican slang
literal- im going to the rifa

slang- east los rifa
by SOUTHSIDER January 5, 2005
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This word means. RIFA. RIFA is a shit roblox football league who are owned by the shittest league owners Doch and Chairman_Shit. They get bullied really badly by memes.
Thegunxzx:Who remembers bloxpoli RIFA.
Chairman_Gabe: i own that league that league is shit

dochudson: I used to own one of the best teams
garylake:i got banned im a meme
Bxris: i played since s1
Iguest: im a rifa legend.
nosa: I'm a baffled and confused retard
by Kewto July 30, 2019
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A strange person who is not usually considered as a human due to their alienated nature. They are timid and brittle inside, emotionless and cruel outside. However, these feelings may differ, but all have a dark and depressing theme. Rifas like kind and caring people, who are loyal and honest.
Oh, she is a Rifa.

I met lots of Rifas the other day.
by 101_xyz October 20, 2019
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A beautiful girl with very long hair. Stunning and gets a lot of guys. Gives good advice but not always a good friend.
by among June 23, 2018
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Among Hispanic gangs it means to bang. For example. "Wassup foo rifas!?" "Simon yo rifo" (yup I bang) "que rifas?" (What u bang") followed by either Norte or sur
Wassup nigga u bang!? Rifas!?
Que rifas? What u bang
by Redwoodvato650 May 4, 2022
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This word also means fighting.
Don't make me switch to rifa!
by Carel Johnson December 8, 2005
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