Character from the 1996 Nickelodeon Show "Kenan and Kel" played by Kel Mitchell. Always attempted to fix things but just straight out broke them even more.
WOMAN: Oh, REPAIRMAN, please fix our television set.

REPAIRMAN: No Problem Ma'am, I'm REPAIRMAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN (smashes tv with hammer.)
by THE MASTER OF DISGUISEE October 31, 2009
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A high caliber Craftsman who repairs anything with movable parts including machines used for sexual pleasure.
"My machine broke down" , the beautiful redhead said so I called a machine repairman to fix it .
by R&E apprentice April 5, 2017
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Feeling very lonely or neglected by others.


A "play" on the Maytag appliance commercials where the Maytag repairman is bored because Maytag appliances are so reliable they never need repairing.
I was working late into the night and felt like the Maytag Repairman as I was the only one still at work.

My friends had a party and didn't invite the Maytag repairman.

No one cares about me, I'm like the Maytag repairman.

Nothing is going on and I have nothing to do. I feel like the Maytag repairman.
by kz5bw5 June 2, 2009
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When a malfunctioning appliance or piece of electronic equipment recommences working normally when under observation by a professional or other witness.
The computer kept locking up whenever I tried to log in... until the guy from IT came up to fix it. Then it worked fine. I guess it has a case of repairman syndrome.
by NorThor August 14, 2008
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1. (n.) A man or woman trained with skills in repairing pasta, usu. with bandaliers of elbow macaroni, rotini, and rigatoni.

2. (n.) Slang. An apostrophe.
1. I cooked my rigatoni too long and now they're all splitting open.. better call the pasta repairman.

2. You abbreviate microphone like this: pasta repairman, P,H,O,N,E.
by MattFP July 3, 2005
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an individual that attempts humour with sexual innuendos, whilst also changing batteries on vibrators and having a vocabulary of a thousand smelly names.

Example One Enters as Vagisil_Pop_Tarts
Example Two Enters as bloody_crusty_tampons
Example Three repair_ur__needed_thingys

Scenario Four
Ring Ring
Person One Hello
Person Two Hello sir, Mr Dildo Repairman. I would like to confirm your pizza order. Could you please confrim.
Person One. Huh
by (Stormy) Anita Parsons August 13, 2006
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One who repairs unsightly camel toes. This person would also tell you if spinach was in your teeth. The tool belts of these repairmen typically consist of pliers, maxi-pads, tweezers, and for more extreme cases a crow bar. You may find licensed repairmen with more advanced equipment. These repairmen can also fix Moose Knuckles, although they will charge a hearty fee. Good places to spot one in action are gymnasiums, swim meets, and the county fair.
Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be a camel toe repairman.
Does anyone know a good camel toe repairman that will come out on Sunday afternoon?
by Amy LC May 19, 2006
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