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When someone meant brb(be right back) but accidentally wrote rbr.
Faye: RBR
Julia: what??
Julia: Faye??
Julia: Faye!!!!
Faye: back
Faye: oh..i meant brb
Julia: oh..
by ChewiKirbyLava June 28, 2011
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Raped beyond repair.
It comes from the SDSU slang that students tend to use when describing the last chemistry or calculus test they took. Although derived from this language, the term can be used in numerous ways!
1. After that Chem test on spectrophotometry, my gpa was RBR!

2. "Did you hear what happened to Handoper at Monster Massive?"
-'yeah, i heard he was rolling balls and now all he does is shit strait cuz he was RBR!"
by FuterMDForStoners November 02, 2009
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Reverse Buyers Remorse - when you found something you liked, second guessed yourself and didn't buy it, then regretted it later. Regret not buying something
I'm totally having RBR; that cute pink dress is sold out now.
by shoegal yo May 21, 2010
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Originated in 2004

The original definition of RBR describes someone who finds something so funny, that they become unrecognizable to you and the outside world.

RBR can be used as an adjective as well. You can say, "That's RBR!". If you see something so hysterical but don't want to make a scene. In other words, you're not laughing on the outside but you're rolling beyond recognition on the inside.

A shorter way to say RBR is to say "Ribber" (One less syllable)

There's other variations of RBR like a "Personal RBR" which is something that only you find funny. You're hysterical over something but everyone is like, WTF?

RBR can also be used as a replacement or alternative for LOL when IM-ing or texting.

RBR is very versatile, you can twist it around to best fit how you want to use it. This is just an outline and the main definition of it.
"Omg that's so Ribber.."

"He's so RBR."

"Heh, RBR.."


"RBR look at that, what's going on over there?"

"I had to wash my underwear in the sink .RBR!" (Used as alternative for LOL or LMAO)
by rattmausch85 May 14, 2017
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rbr:this word is an abreviation for run bitch run
bob:hey man am gonna fuck razan
john:rbr u aint even licking her toes...
bob:fuck u man
by cowboy212 October 18, 2007
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