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Rage Against The Machine is the best band to ever have sat foot in this world - their music ain't just some crap they made up like shitty pop music; their music means something and it is politically inspired. They were a great band and it was a dam shame they split-up. Their music makes you think and that shit is important!
"Tha gut eaters, blood drenched get offensive like Tet
Tha fifth sun sets get back reclaim
Tha spirit of Cuahtemoc alive an untamed
Now face tha funk now blastin' out ya speaker, on tha one Maya, Mexica
That vulture came ta try and steal ya name
But now you got a gun, yeah this is for the people of the sun" - for those who don't know 'Tet' (the Tet Offensive) was a big attack which took place in the Vietnam war and a lot of people died.
by Joeiznogood April 14, 2004
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rage against the machine. gods. a perfect band now split up, their beatiful mixture of rap and rock confused, challenged, upset, and inspired many.
solo, im a soloist on a solo list, all live, never on a floppy disc, inka inka, bottle of ink, paintings of rebellion, drawn upon the thoughts i think!
environment, the environment excedeing, on a level, of our unconciousness. for example; what does the bilboard say? come and play, come and play, forget about the movement...
and etc...
by wild man May 10, 2005
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Rage Against The Machine, very good musicaly talented and political band, now split up, released 5 albums, possibile the best band in the world
by El_Hef May 13, 2003
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One of the best bands to have seen this Earth. Their music inspired, and insulted thousands. Their demise was met when frontman De la Rocha decided that enough was enough and everything they stood for was being compromised by their increasing fan base's willingness to follow them whatever they did. The rage spirit is still kept alive today in the band Audioslave.
Ratm's battle of LA
Renegades of Funk.
by Whitehead, Ross March 01, 2005
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'Rage Against The Machine"... One of the best bands to ever exist. Formed in the 90's, they produce what was once then, a kind of music that defies guitar distortions. Zack, the vocalist, left the band in the year 2000, and the rest of the band (Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford) teamed up with the vocalist from 'Soundgarden' to form 'Audioslave'. The group got back in 2007, and they're still rockin' shit to the core up to this day.
Some RATM songs:

-Killing In the Name (Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses...)

-Wake up (Appeared briefly in 'Matrix')

-Sleep Now in The Fire (Appeared in "EA Skate 2")
by <Insert Name Here> April 09, 2013
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an acronym which means "rage against the machine". You can use this word to describe someone who is annoying, repetitive, or in your face. These people are annoying just like the riffs in a lot of rage against the machine songs especially "bulls on parade".
Dan-" God, I was trying to hook up with this chick at the party last night but she was so RATM.
Brad-" Dude, that sucks.
by ract July 20, 2010
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RATM, short for Rage Against The Machine, a very unpleasent rock band, with lyrics you cant understand as its mainly screaming, you hear abit of their swearing, they like to sing about killing.

Most people had never heard of them till 2009, when they ruined the Christmas number 1 chart with their unpleasent song "Killing in the name"

Sorry but an alternative to X Factor should be something more pleasent & more known.

But one thing thats hillirious is they where only number 1 for that 1 week and then vanished forever thankgod, now we can go back to the music that isnt miserable.

Most urban dictionary users are fans of Rage Against The Machine, so basically they will give this entry a hundred thumbs down, but they are tone deaf.

Come on its all miserable full of screaming, swearing and singing about killing.
by Happyness music March 24, 2011
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