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Rancho Cucamonga is a very new, suburban and beautiful city, with a bad reputation only because it happens to be in the infamous 909. It is nestled at the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains about an hour Southeast of LA. Many people that live here are white, have lots of money, and have children that spend it all. You can't get any home here for under $800,000. It's a great place to raise a family, seeing as everything worth visiting in Southern California is within about an hour or two and there are plenty of schools, parks (a new central park that should be in Beverly Hills), every single store you can think of and plenty of restaurants. The doctor for the WWF lives here, and Snoop Dogg lives about 10 minutes away.

There is a huge mall that just got built in Rancho located on the East Side (Etiwanda) that everyone calls the VG. If you have a nice car, (ie. Porsche, Ferarri etc.) you will probably drive it through this mall to show it off. Going to the mall is pretty much all the high school students have to do, other than partying, drinking, working on their cars, going to In-n-Out, Starbucks or shopping. Rancho is also full of Bro's with lifted trucks, Emo kids, plenty of really made up high school girls with Dior sunglasses and fake LV's, (especially ones that go to the three high school crammed within 5 miles of each other), Punkers, White trash that drive Hummers and Abercrombie and Hollister kids. If you don't drive a Mercedes or a BMW, know what Harvard on the Hill is, know what you do at the top of Haven, have gotten a ticket for jay-walking or have partied at the Haven Estates, you don't belong in Rancho. Sorry.
1: Where are you from?

2: Rancho Cucamonga

1: Isn't that the city from Next Friday and Bring it on?

2: Yes, and it is a real place!
by anonymous12345 December 07, 2005
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA is a city in San Bernardino County. Unlike most other cities in San Bernardino county, however, Rancho Cucamonga is pretty well-to-do city comprised mostly of rich white people, and their spoiled kids who spend it all. The center of the city would be its so called "downtown" dubbed the Victoria Gardens. Here is where most people from Rancho show off their wealth, and their nice ass cars. Rancho is filled with emo kids, alot of made-up girls, and rich people who like to drive around in their BMW's, Benzs' and Hummers. It is also full of wanna - be - gangsters who roam the streets acting like they are all tough, but end up going home into their million dollar houses owned by mommy and daddy. Rancho may not be nowhere near the beach, but people here sure act like they're in the OC. Rancho Cucamonga. The OC of San Bernardino County.
Rancho Cucamonga?

Oh yea! that's where all the rich people live!
by Andrew766778 June 10, 2006
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Rancho Cucamonga is not poor. But it is sure as hell not Newport Beach. I've actually heard someone from Rancho say that it was as expensive to live in Rancho as it is to live in Newport. Rancho is in the desert, it is not on the ocean, so most parts of OC are WAY more expensive, even most of Santa Ana. Income statistics back up my opinion, Rancho is middle to upper middle class, sure as hell not Newport Coast, Palos Verdes, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe or Coto de Caza....even if the people there like to pretend they are REALLY rich.
by flipswirl August 31, 2006
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WOW what a place to describe.. there is so much in this city.. the houses are overly priced u cant get a 5 bedroom house below 800,000.. its crazy.. all the rich people come here to settle down with there kids.. a nice place to raise kids.. well the kids become stuck up rich kids who spend there parents money and party all the time... the hang outs are ontario mills, victoria gardens,Legends,starbucks, innout, or just hang out someones mansion on the haven hills..
ohh where do you live?

Rancho Cucamonga?

ooo where all the rich white people live hahha
by Jessicaaa August 03, 2005
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Southern California city where apparently all the white trash and their many children from Fontucky and surrounding high desert areas moved to when their plumbing, contracting, monster truck driving, or whatever other bumpkin jobs paid off and they could afford (or at least pretend to afford) an $800,000 house. If you are a hillbilly and do not know what nice really is, Rancho Cucamonga is the town for you.
Sometimes referred to as Rancho Cucaracha.
Conversation between two toothless emo boys from Phelan:

Boy1: I hear next year's gonna be a tv show what's called The RC about a bad kid from Wrightwood that gets adopted by rich folks in Rancho Cucamonga. You know like that OC show but better.

Boy2: Yeah, it sure is nice in the RC. One day when our meth lab is up and runnin' and we're makin' a hundred dollard a day we're gonna move there!
by Wilfred Brimley III May 17, 2006
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