A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or reeds.

People who wear straw hats do so to let it be known 'all the fucks they give', If one was to add up all those fucks; the total fucks given would be zero.

The wearing of the straw hat is a statement to a judgemental world. That statement is 'Look at all the fucks I give'.

If the wearer is worthy, it can be said the straw hat is wearing him/her
“I’m wearing a straw hat; does it look like I give two fucks?”

Person 1,”Look at that guy wearing a straw hat; he clearly gives no fucks.”
Person 2, “Noman, he's one of the chosen few; the straw hat is wearing him”
by Whatistobeastrawhatman September 24, 2011
Who's the straw hat on this job?

Don't listen to him -- I'm the straw hat on this job!
by Coach_Anderson February 7, 2010
Meaning working in the yard or garden. Comes from the fact that farmers when working in their fields used to wear straw hats.
by Otto Von Coop November 11, 2010
the act of having sex with a girl in a straw pile, getting off in her hair and the straw sticks to her hair thus forming a hat made of straw
woman 1-damn nancy i like your new hat

woman 2- thanks its a kentucky straw hat i really love it
by chopblock February 5, 2010
A another name for an uncle tom. A black person that sells out his own people to impress the white man. Any niggah down in the south that is stuck in the slavery mentality because they kissing "The Man" ass just to get ahead and turns on his own people. Slave mentality niggahs that is stuck on the house niggah vs. field niggah mentality
Down in the south you see a bunch of straw hat negros who sells out his on people just to get ahead.

A straw hat negro will stab you in the back, snitch on you, and sell you out just to cover is own ass.
by AJ Dunn February 24, 2009
Originally a bastardization of the phrase "straw man argument," which has now come to mean any argument so ridiculous and nonsensical that it isn't even worth debating.
Bearer1 says, "A child mentality in that immaturity affords them the rights of the immaturity to respond with substandard response."

Rath replies, "WTF, that's a straw hat argument!"
by Rathgryn October 20, 2008
Straw Hat Pirate(s) is a nickname for Luffy's Crew.
Random Guy that Luffy's gonna beat up: Straw Hat Pirates!
by PotatoGudForU July 10, 2021