Martin "LV" Soriano's the "other LV" from the Philippines claiming the trademark from Louis Vuitton. Court Case IPC-142021-00074
Martin is having a court case against Louis Vuitton over the use of the acronym "LV".
by Cyclonetrading June 13, 2021
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Lopez Vito is a common family name in some Spanish speaking countries.
Martin is called "LV" by his customers in London town as an abbreviation.
by Cyclonetrading June 13, 2021
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In Undertale, short for LOVE. And LOVE is short for Level Of ViolencE.
"In Undertale, when you kill, your LV increases."
by Hepha0907 December 24, 2016
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Short For Love, often used in texting or internet chatting.
In a text convo:
Boy: Will You Marry Me?
Girl: Yes
Boy: I LV you
by iMeow November 15, 2009
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a condition of having an excessivley hairy vagina.
Loeffler Vagina Syndrome
Geez that girl has a serious case of LVS
by korymnl June 9, 2010
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V-Vuitton (NoUn)

A french designer.
by LaLa January 6, 2004
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