a super-wealthy section of Newport Beach, Orange County that is in between newport and laguna beach. considered the Bel Air of Orange county because it has large Mansions, is all GATED, and is not a city but a neighborhood of another city(same as Bel Air). almost all of the homes are in the same style, but who cares if you have a 15,000sf mega mansion overlooking the ocean. basically you aint going to live here unless you have at least a couple million or you live in one of the condos. must be nice to be SUPER rich...
hey do you live in Newport Coast since you drive a Benz???

hell no i can't afford that, live in huntington beach with all of the poorer upper/middle class.
by oc man January 5, 2010
The tightest place in Orange County. Filled with rich people who are either crazy party animals or stuck up overly proper people who can be easily intimidated and taken advantage of.
I'm going to Newport Coast to turn a classy get together into a party revolution.
by A.Sweetin' April 6, 2008
A very small 'town' made of a shopping center and many neighborhoods close to Newport Beach. Located in southern california in orange county, newport coast is made up over 70% white people, 25% asian, 4% persian/arabic 0.9% other and has 0.1% black people. Full of very rich houses usually at more than 2 mil a piece, however has one apartment community and a few ones with town houses. Has very expensive places to shop, eat, and have fun that most people in the U.S. cannot afford, or do very rarely.

Ultimately a bubble that kids don't want to go out of because it seems like the nicest place on earth, an exclusive community that is like a safer, smaller, and less expensive version of Beverly Hills.

For some of the poorer people its like a less hot/humid Florida with virtually no black people (less than 3 black people in their K-6 elementary school) with higher quality everything: places to live, eat, shop, hang out, and do everything else rich primarily white people do.
Little kid: "Mommy what's that?"
Mom: "An african american person, be careful not to scare it. They are very rare in these parts of the country (Newport Coast)."
Dude: So what did you do today?
Friend: Oh, i bought 7 cars with my dad
Dude: But you're 12
Friend: It's a yearly thing
Dude: Oh okay i understand you. What kinds?
Friend: I dunno no, i think they're called laymborGUYneez
What was formerly protected land between Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach is now home to housing tracks full of low quality mini mansions with essentially the same color scheme. This place is full of new money and people in debt up to their ears.

It is easy to spot a person from Newport Coast by the following typical signs:
1.Drives an H2 with 22" or larger rims.
2.Has a LEASED mercedes from fletcher jones.
3.Hollywood attitude with a compton bank account.
***There are some exceptions which include pro athletes etc. but these people still typically fit into the category of new money and still may exhibit number 1.
I can't believe I just spent 5 mill on a track home that looks just like my neighbors, but i just had to live in Newport Coast.
by Tom24 August 23, 2005