Red Headed Bitch
a person who has red hair and is a bitch
lindsy lohan is a great example of this
but she has already got the name Fire Crotch
<lindsy lohan walks by>
"jessica can you believe how much of a R H B she is?"
by justasillylilgirl May 21, 2008
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the perfect couple. i couldn't fuckin put our real names but i hope it allows this.
"did you really just put us on the dictionary to prove a point?"
"yes, R and H is the best couple."
by Robijn Birdie October 26, 2020
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Chuck Norris RoundHouse Kick, usually to the face but can be applied to any body part. Resulting in an immediate knockout, Derives from the imfamous Chuck Norris and his ability to solve any problem with a roundhouse kick.
Hey T-Fresh dat hocake muthafucka is about to get a C N R H K to the face, real proper like.
by drake savage November 28, 2007
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Rub Her Clit And Call Her Princess
"yo you gonna r-h-c-a-c-h-p tonight"
by brokenangle1217 March 29, 2018
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"i lubb H*R!!!!!11111`1`11`" - Anonymous Homestar Fan
by Sunbun September 7, 2003
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Nomally my wife doesn't enjoy anal sex, but after watching a some hard core porn, she's all about H R A.
by pilipo April 2, 2008
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