"i lubb H*R!!!!!11111`1`11`" - Anonymous Homestar Fan
by Sunbun September 7, 2003
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Nomally my wife doesn't enjoy anal sex, but after watching a some hard core porn, she's all about H R A.
by pilipo April 2, 2008
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H. R. Pickens is the man who got the closest to destroying Abraham H Parnasis, who then sired a boy with his granddaughter, as his final revenge against H. R.
you are weak like H. R. Pickens
by avandownbytheriver March 5, 2021
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H&R Block is one of the world's largest tax services providers, utilizing more than 100,000 highly trained tax professionals and having prepared more than 550 million tax returns worldwide since 1955.
H&R Block have a retail office within 5 miles of most Americans.
by ZigZagMan January 26, 2011
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A children's show featuring live puppets that aired on Saturday mornings from 1969 to 1975.
H. R. Pufnstuf, cant get a little but you cant get enough. H.R. Pufnstuf was produced by Sid and Marty Kroft. Rumor has it that the Jewish Kroft brothers killed Hitler after Hitler had faked his death and hid in Brazil. The Krofts hunted Hitler down and tortured him for weeks than offed his ass!
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 19, 2017
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The only man who came close to breaking Abraham H. Parnassus, but then proceeded to be grinded into the ground and buried by his rival because he was weak. Abraham then seduced his granddaughter and filled her belly with his festering seed, and sired a boy, his last revenge against H. R. Do not be weak like H. R. Pickens.
You are weak like H. R. Pickens
by Abraham H. Parnassus February 19, 2022
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