1. the sound a quail makes.
2. The uttering of a 'qwa' sound as a form of creative self expression or release; often associated with bugging out
3.South Asian term for "tweaking"
Don't worry, Aniqua's just qwa-ing
by Matt 'the mega' Wang June 29, 2011
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a persons mental state after staying up for days at a time. Usually expressed as complete nonsense, silliness, or chaos, but always enjoyable to the person in such a state.
I havn't slept in days, I'm making no sense at all, but I don't care, cause I'm in the qwa.
by Littles January 13, 2007
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When someone says somethign and you have no clue what in hell is going on you should reply with a friendly 'qwa?'. Its not quite a wtf but its more than a simple '?'.
16:05 <EnCrypt> ersan got tired of pwner and sent him to bed as well
16:07 <ZeRo> qwa?
by ZeRo2157 April 23, 2006
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A term to use when asking for someone to elaborate on what they mean. Replaces "what?"
Evan: What are these mother fucking snakes doing on this mother fucking plane?
Me: Qwa?
by K_Roll July 30, 2006
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