"Dude, quit being so quolled about things!!!"
by Derique March 9, 2003
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A DSM warrior who doesnt take advise very well and makes the most to piss you off. ;)
by Derique March 9, 2003
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Quoll is really beautiful character but why you may ask?

Well it's because she kind of acts like a naughty teenager and just wants to have fun and run around, including her and Foxy.

And the best part is that Quoll is just so amazing.

She's such a super horse.

I always feel bad for her because she has to work as a farm horse because her owner can't keep her running around free, but she doesn't make it so obvious she doesn't want to be trained.

Her owner still spoils her a little.

I really like her and her cool head.

Then we have Foxy and his awesome personality.

I love the fact that he's just a super friendly boy.

He's such a joker and really loud.

He doesn't know it but he's just a sweet boy.

He really helps Quoll out.

I loved how you got to see them bond throughout the story, especially in the last chapter, that was so adorable.

And the best part is that they both know each other.

Foxy knows about Quoll because he helped her learn how to be a good farm horse, but Quoll knows about Foxy because he helped his owner make him.

And I loved how the author had such a strong support and bond between them.

Then there's the outside world.

I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't know what to expect when reading this book...
Quoll (known as Chrollo) appears in Hunter x Hunter as the leader of the Phantom Troupe.
by Drapen June 6, 2022
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An Australianism for putting your full effort into something. Equivalent to the poker expression of "all in", or the WW2 expression of "the whole nine yards".
Brucey really went the whole quoll in that footy match, it was a ripper of a game!
by JimmyJimJohson May 30, 2022
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quollen or quolleness

The feeling when you want to be hurt so bad so you can feel something, or to experience sadness and heartbreak, just to get back the human sense that you lost
I want to get rid of this quolleness feeling
by Shaukwithana May 17, 2022
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