Pronounced: Kweet-A

A quitta is someone in the miami gay scene. Normally a drag queen or someone that has many close friends that are drag queens S.N.-Trannys are quittas be default.

All quittas are attractive and sluts.
Hey do you know Dario? Yeah girl I know that QUITTA!
by Jade Kouture June 18, 2011
origin 1960's hippy term "one hitter quitter" in reference to amazingly potent marijuana. used now for many different drugs, however in specific reference to tha chronic, this shit has to be so bomb that even an experienced toker will hack and cough for a couple minutes and then not need another hit for at least 30 to 45 minutes...
damn yo.. i can smell it in the bag baby... that shits definately some one hitta quitta.. fa sho!!!
by rico suave February 25, 2005
One drag of a drug (usually marijuana) that immediately induces intoxication because of its high potency.
That kibbles from Canada was a one hitta quitta.
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
When someone gets hit and they dont get bac up.
when u knock someone the fuck out,when someone gets the shit punched or slapped out of them.
Damn when i punched him i hurt my hand. You should have gave that nicca a one hitta quitta.
by Richard Taylor April 16, 2003
When two people fight and one fighter knocks the other motherfucker out in his first punch thrown
"I got that one hitta quitta"- Three 6 Mafia
"I got in that fight and had a one hitta quitta mayne"
by cosmopolo September 29, 2005
A person who commonly indulges in one night stands.
Uh-uh, if you want somethin real leave that nigga alone he's a one hitta quita
by Jacqui January 3, 2004
A person that is able to be around any type of crowd. Fun loving and sexy with a wicked sense of humor. She is the perfect wife with the family-friendly outer appearance and freaky in the house.
You need a Quitta in your life! ; Quitta is wifey!
by Teach4America November 2, 2022