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* Spelling represents a combination of Quick and Skimmer

Part of speech:

1) Verb:

- Definition: To flip through pages in a book or scroll down a list.

- Frequency of use: High

2) Adjective:

- Definition: Quick or Summary.

- Frequency of use: Medium

3) Noun:

- Definition: The quick or summary version, usually of a story.

- Frequency of use: Low
Ex 1 -

Most commonly used as a verb:

"Jackson missed a few classes last week, so he was anxious to quimmer someone's notes before the exam."

Ex 2 -

As a continuous form of the verb phrase:

"Jackson was quimmering through his classmate's notes before the exam so he could could get one more good look at the study material."

Ex 3 -

Being used as a command:

"Quimmer it." (...said Jackson's classmate as she handed him her notes before the exam.)

Ex 4 -

As an adjective:

Jackson had just enough time to read through the quimmer version of the notes before the exam.

Ex 5 -

As a noun:

Jackson should have read the quimmer his classmates put together after school last week. (Background story: he was at the parking lot across the street doing donuts.)
by AmWordly September 18, 2012
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Quimmer - Slang,

Use 1: A slang or derogatory term towards gay people (A mix of different words, Eg;

Queer, Quim, Queen, Rimmer, Rim Job. (These words are generally asssociated with Gay men hence the term quimmer).

Use 2: Quim(mer)- Slang, Someone who enjoys giving oral sex to females.
Examples of Use.

1.I was at the mens urinals the other day in a pub when the quimmer stood next to me looked at my penis and smiled. I ran away fearing for my behind.

2. Did you see troy the other night?. He's a Quimmer isn't he.?

3. Fuck off you quimmer.

4. Stop being such a quimmer.
by Andy Chambers February 04, 2007
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When you see someone attractive and you can’t help but quiver over them in a sexual way.
She looks so good. She’s really making me Quimmer.
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by Quimmering Keith July 04, 2018
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