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The act of picking your nose very fast before a known person walks around the corner. Often done in the workplace
Saul: (chair get up noise)

Josh: (quick pick)

Saul: Dude were you picking your nose?

Josh: Busted. I thought I had more time for a quick pick!
by Foxygrandpa13 July 17, 2012
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Verb To pick orifice(s) in a fast matter.

Noun The action of picking ofrice(s) in a fast matter.
EX. 1
John: Yo man! Did you just see that?
Ming & Will: No...
John: That girl just did a quickpick.
Ming: Huh?
John: Duh. On her Thong.
Will: That's Hot.

Ex. 2
Ming quickpicked his nose before shaking Will's hand.
by JDMLWH January 29, 2008
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Longer version of QP, or Quick Pick (quick pickup); directed at someone who has no scruples, self respect, or common sense, and just wants to get laid.
Yeeeoooops, Davey on the Quick Pick!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
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