Place and/or period of time for which a person cuts themselves off from society and watches Quentin Tarantino films.
"Chelsey wasn't feeling well so she spent last night in Quarantino."

"Chelsey loved Inglourious Basterds so much that she decided to spend the weekend in Quarantino."
by chelcbellc49 September 3, 2009
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A child born in early 2021, obviously born after COVID quarantine.
I went to the brewery and there's all these brand new babies. All Quarantinos.
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Just serve the sentence at home with COVID19. Then I got the idea for a film. “My life with COVID19® quickly became a director. Love my name. "Quarantino"
QUARANTINO, I’m a COVID19 director in home prison.
by Quarantino March 25, 2020
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A Baby boy concieved during a quarantine.
A Baby boy concieved during a quarantine. They were stuck in doors because of the Coronavirus quarantine, and before you know it, poof, a little baby Quarantino!
by Shanamon April 28, 2020
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To practice safe social distancing during a virus pandemic, you may opt to give your partner a footjob instead of a handjob or blowjob to limit the chance of transmission. In this context, a footjob is colloquially called a "Quarantino."

"Quarantino" is a portmanteau of "Quarantine" and "Tarantino" in reference to the extreme behavioral modifications expected during quarantine conditions and the acclaimed director's alleged foot fetish.
Suffering from acute boredom, my girlfriend offered to give me a blowie, but I was like, "Are you trying to give me the coronavirus? Take your socks off and give me a Quarantino instead."
by Trumplstiltskin March 20, 2020
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Collective name to people who have self isolated during the Covid 19 pandemic to decrease the spread of the virus.
Let’s all be good quarantinos and stay the fuck home so we can get back to normal life sooner.
by PhoenixNC72 March 23, 2020
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It was coined by Samuel L. Jackson in a censored children's book Stay the Fuck At Home. A spoonerism of Quinton Tarantino, whose movies have taken place largely inside homes, or places for accommodation.
I'm not only grounded for trashing Dad's car, I've also got norovirus from some dodgy food I had last night. I'm gonna be Trenton Quarantino.
by brockhoward April 5, 2020
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